Company Overview

Pandey Hotel Corporation was formed in 2012 as a premier hotel real estate company. We own prime lodging assets throughout the USA and are focused on expanding our portfolio. We intend to be long-term owners and to increase the value of our assets through a creative, yet disciplined design/renovation approach, and aggressive asset management to achieve excellent performance. We use the following strategies to accomplish these goals:

- Acquire existing hotels with good locations at a good value.
- Use creative design development and managed purchasing to improve the property.
- Engage leading hotel management companies to operate the hotels professionally.
- Brand hotels with the best option for market penetration.
- Maximize the value of our portfolio through aggressive asset management. This means working with our managers to increase revenues and to reduce operating costs.
- Employing wise financial management to use our resources for continued growth.

Pandey Hotel Corporation strives to be the premier hotel real estate company. In this pursuit, we realize that each hotel must provide friendly, uplifting service to our guests. Excellent product, management and staff can achieve this and, in so doing, drive revenue growth and asset value.

Management Companies

Via its internal Management Company, CPG Hotel Management, Pandey Hotel Corporation manages the day to day operations of the group. Working closely with a broad range of Franchise partners, CPG Hotel Management aim to delver above market results, whilst delivering an exceptional level of guest satisfaction.